Java projects


Create leaderboards for almost anything in minecraft, using PlaceholderAPI.  
Plugin Java Link to ajLeaderboards on Modrinth Link to ajLeaderboards on Polymart Link to ajLeaderboards on Spigot Docs

Create queues for servers while they are offline/full (or otherwise unjoinable)  
Plugin Java Link to ajQueue on Modrinth Link to ajQueue on Polymart Link to ajQueue on Spigot Docs

Paid version of ajQueue with more features (that are especially nice for larger servers)  
Plugin Java Link to ajQueuePlus on Polymart Link to ajQueuePlus on Spigot Docs

Get a notification about possible xrayers  
Plugin Java Link to ajAntiXray on Spigot Docs

Randomly generated parkour minigame. Great for any kind of server! Jump and Run!  
Plugin Java Link to ajParkour on Spigot Docs

A TnTRun plugin with features such as mysql stats, arena signs, bungee mode, and more!  
Plugin Java Link to ajTNTRun on Spigot Docs

An addon for ajLeaderboards that allows you to fetch leaderboards via a REST api  
Plugin Java Link to ajLb REST on Spigot  

Keep track of how many players are left alive in events!  
Plugin Java Link to ajElimination on Spigot  

Kick AFK players only when the server is full!  
Plugin Java Link to ajAFKKick on Spigot  

Run commands when the server starts, or if a player joins.  
Plugin Java Link to ajStartCommands on Spigot Docs

Prevents vanished players from chatting from the bungee side  
Plugin Java Link to NoChatWhileVanished on Spigot  

Prevents everyone from building.  
Plugin Java Link to Anti-Build on Spigot  
aj's Global Chat Mute

Mute the chat!  
Plugin Java Link to aj's Global Chat Mute on Spigot  

An addon for the Vulcan anticheat that opens a GUI of the top player violations   Plugin Java  
ajBuyerVerify bot

Discord bot for my automatic buyer verification system   Discord bot Java  

A discord bot that assists me in my plugins support discord   Discord bot Java  

A lag-less lava rising plugin   Plugin Java  

One library for all the major hologram plugin APIs (with bukkit fallback)   Plugin library Java